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How to Know it is Time to Remove Toxic People from Your Life

If you have toxic people around you, there are higher chances you will develop stress, be unhappy and unproductive. Also, you are at a greater risk of heart disease. Almost everyone has a toxic person who also seems threatened by others success and is reluctant to accept correction. Rather than focusing on what causes such unethical behavior, think of the damage they will cause on you.

Toxic people are quite good at instilling self-doubt and need for justification of every decision you make. This will make you angry, resentful and ashamed of yourself. If you are keen, you always notice an emotional drain after spending time with them. Toxic traits are easily transmitted from one person to another, especially if they are close. In the book The Lucifer Principle, you will understand that such occurrences are as a result of natural defense mechanism. When start acting like that, it is critical to do away with them.

With the consciousness of the existence of toxic people, you need to know if there is one in your circle and how to go about it effectively. You need to draw a line between a toxic individual and one who is overall a wrong person. You need to know that relationships can never be perfect as people go through difficulties and develop negativity. You need to know that he time you take to have them around is a reflection of the dependency you have on them. Being in such types of toxicity will never allow you to identify harmful people or even to take care pf your needs. Below are characters of toxic people.

They are controlling, manipulative and use techniques such as gaslighting to make their opponents lose confidence in themselves. You can never hold an argument with them as they think they are always right and blame other people. With bad things being almost inevitable, a toxic person always seems to be the victim of the world. They will never say good things about others and also tend to mask their jealousy. If you are in one, you will notice you are the one to give but not receive. You will realize toxic individuals are happy to dominate the conversation and obtain more favors.

Before removing such people from your life, it is essential to consider the possibility that they may become abusive and resistant. It is hence wise to use more robust methods when going about it. The following are ways you can successfully go about it.

If you have a close relationship with them, opt to separating yourself rather than eradicating them. In case they want to make a scene, firmly restate your boundaries and end the communication.

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